Fly Fishing for Beginners

Walton in his Complete Angler claimed that fishing was a life in itself.

See why by learning the principles and skills of tackle, rods, lines and flies.

This course includes practical and demonstration sessions including a fishing trip.


What to bring:
On week 1 you will not need a rod as you will be going over some basics to begin with. After that you can bring your own rod if you have one. Otherwise Jim has some he can lend. You are not encouraged to rush out and buy one until you know that fishing is something you wish to continue. A part of the course is looking at the gear required and you will hear from Jim that you do not need an expensive rod.
In order to fish you will need a licence. Again you are encouraged to speak to the tutor before purchasing as you can get day licences and also fishing licences are reduced part way through the season. 
Programme Outline
  • Styles (dry, wet, lure, nymph)
  • Types (river, lake, stream)
  • Gear (rods, reels, flys, leaders, traces, indicators, nets, lights etc
  • Establish what you hope to gain from the programme
  • Gear  (setup)
  • Casting (basic skills)
  • Practice
  • Demonstrations
  • Trout Food  (what they eat)
  • Trout Behaviour (likes and dislikes)
  • Casting (review basic skills, vary techniques)
  • River craft (where to look, what to look for, time of day considerations )
  • Variables


  • Wet, dry, nymphs, feathered lure
  • Patterns
  • Sizes
  • When and where to use)
  • Use of accessories – flotants, indicators, multiples
  •  Nets and other essentials

Casting Practice

Review: Where are we at?   Where do we want to be? 


  • Where Trout lie
  • How to get at
  • Where to cast
  • Sun shadow?
  • Wind considerations?
  • Trout “beats”?
  • Using background “cover”

River Practicals

  • This can be arranged to suit the group as a whole, (depending on numbers) or on an individual /two person at once basis
  • It does not need to be the last session but could be earlier if the weather forecast is advantageous.  It is most likely to be on the Oreti River.
  • As the time of year is likely to influence river flows and daylight is great, we should be able to fit in at least one river visit.