Kiwisaver - Not just for Retirement

Tuesday 8 November 7-9pm

Introduced in 2007, KiwiSaver has been a real success story with over 2.1 million people enrolled and over $15.4 billion invested.

What makes KiwiSaver so popular, and why should you not only have a KiwiSaver account but also understand how the KiwiSaver accounts work.

The person working alongside of you may be earning 3% more than you, simply because they are in KiwiSaver and you are not. Understand why this is.


Financial assistance may be available for KiwiSaver customers who:
Are suffering financial hardship

Are dealing with serious ill health

Are looking to buy their first home

You don’t know what you don’t know, so it is important that you learn all there is to know about KiwiSaver to ensure you and/or your families get the full benefit.

 Presented by Allison Cooper and Monique Morton of SBS

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