Digital Photography


Find out what all those buttons do!

Get your questions answered.

A six week course covering the basics of using a digital camera and getting the prints from them.


There are currently no upcoming dates for this course. Check back soon!

–  There will be plenty of time for questions and for you to learn the particular things you may want to learn. 

Scope – for beginners, intermediate to advanced users.

Part of the course will be covering the camera’s functions and part will cover what makes a good photo. 

What you will learn:

…how to put your camera off auto and take better photographs.

…an understanding of what those buttons mean and how they can help you.

…an appreciation of how good composition makes a photo even better.

…how to organise and keep your digital images safe.


A friendly , relaxed and personalised course.


Materials to Bring:

 Digital Camera, Pen, Paper, Manual for Camera if you have one