Art with Gina - Watercolour Explorations

This course offers explorations in a variety of watercolour techniques:
-understanding of colour tonal values
-Developing confidence with colour
-Introductions to various brushwork and washes, and layering of colour
-Other techniques including Wet into Wet, White paper, pen and ink, spattering with salt


Beginner students can expect to work through tutor directed exercises, to progress onto their own chosen topic.

Intermediate/Advanced students can opt to complete tutor directed exercises, or work on their own chosen project.

PLEASE NOTE: This class concentrates on Watercolour. Acrylic techniques are covered in other classes.

Materials to Bring:

  • A3 or A4 Das Watercolour Painting Pad 300gsm
  • A3 Spiral Bound Cartridge Paper pad 110 gsm (to be used only for light sketching exercises and for ‘testing’ colour tones.)
  • 1 each 3B, 4B, pencils
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Small tubes watercolour Paint – 1 each of Alizarin Crimson red, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow (light) , and Viridian Green (can bring other colours if you already have them in your watercolour painting kit)
  • The following colours can be added to your kit as you wish: sap Green, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Burnt Sienna, Purple, Cereleun Blue, Prussian Blue, Yellow Ochre.
  • Rags
  • 1  black permanent ink Sharpie pen with a fine point.
  • Watercolour brushes sizes 6 and 8, ( and a 10 or 12 if possible) and a flat brush 1.5-2 cms wide.
  • Water jar.
  • White or cream coloured ceramic plate for a palette. (plastic palettes not suitable for mixing watercolour pigments on )

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